Working together to change lives & communities


Meet the Boyd’s


Matthew and Ashley Boyd established Kingdom Home in 2018. Matthew and Ashley are both from the Pacific Northwest. They met at Oregon State University where they both graduated from. Today, Matthew is a starting left-handed pitcher for the Detroit Tigers while Ashley acts as the Executive Director for Kingdom Home. 

Kingdom Home could not exist apart from a group of dedicated and passionate volunteers. If you feel you have a skillset that may bless this organization, please feel free to contact to learn about potential opportunities to get involved.

Meet Dorothy

Dorothy is our founding house mother. Together with her husband, Dorothy selflessly brought in our first 36 girls when they were rescued and had nowhere else to go. 

Kingdom Home gratefully partnered with Dorothy’s home in 2018 and today she is still caring for those 36 girls as well as her own three children.

Having been been a victim of violence and nearly sold as a child bride herself, Dorothy has dedicated her life to helping children escape the injustice she once faced. 

Serving alongside her are a handful of individuals who also love and serve our children daily.


Kingdom Home currently has three children’s homes, each of which has their own staff of dedicated workers who make sure that the children’s needs are being met. This includes house parents, aunties, guards, and others who help our children learn and grow daily.